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Please enjoy a sharing of experiences and kind words from some of Dr. Erin's Teaching, Coaching, and Intuitive Healing clients.


"Several  months ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and was taken over by fear and anxiety. My mind started living in the darkest of places; I was totally consumed by this diagnosis. Erin suggested an intuitive healing session to help me get back into my body. I had no idea what to expect, and went into it with an open mind. I came out of that first session feeling like a different person. Erin helped me let go of the dread and the doubt, and replace it with trust and peace. It's like my body had been hijacked, and now I'm back. "


 ~Jess Pratt

“With Erin’s guidance I was able to find my truest self. The work we did together not only brought me fully into my body despite recent trauma, but helped me feel safe and able to fully inhabit my experience. The meditations that she guided me in continue to support my journey forward as I live into my truth, and find my way into joy. Whether you are a little bit stuck or very lost in your life, call Dr. Erin, she will help you transform your life!”


~ Sarah Lipton

 "This was the perfect birthday gift to myself! The reading I had really confirmed the shifts I was starting to feel vibrationally. I had a lot of a-ha moments and saw clarity into what will - and will not - help me to grow. Very excited to listen back to my recording and remember all the topics we covered!"


~B. Pieterse

"Before working with Erin my energy and body felt scrambled and out of sorts. On one particularly memorable occasion this was due to a full day of medical testing and diagnosis. I was feeling overwhelmed and out of sync in mind, body, and spirit. I was processing a great deal on all levels and needed support and assistance with the process. Erin's ability to help me regulate and stabilize my energy system is precisely what I needed, and I have learned to pause and look for opportunities to better self-manage my energy. 

Every time I work with Erin I marvel at the shift that happens as my energy moves from scrambled and jagged to flowing and smooth.

I would absolutely recommend this work; it is fun, effective and empowering.  Erin has profound presence, perception, and depth of connection.   She is keenly aware of the power of her work and offers it from a place of heart felt service and benefit to all. I'm so appreciative of her energy and skill and grateful for her contributions to my state of wellness."


~Tricia Senzel

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