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Dr. Erin’s mission is to connect people with the next steps on their path, by helping to identify and clear old limiting beliefs, stories and energy from their space, so they are empowered to create from wholeness and step into the lives they came here to live.


Dr. Erin Sepic is a Canadian-born University of VT grad, who obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in the beautiful Finger Lakes @ New York Chiropractic College. She has been practicing in VT since 2005, as she fell in love with it as an undergrad at UVM. She enjoys nearly all methods of being outdoors, (in all Seasons) and mainly engages with her family, tribe and dog Gryffin, on sailboats, bikes, or skis of some kind. 

My Story

Hi there, my name is Erin and professionally speaking I’ve spent 16 joyful years as a Chiropractor, Kinesiologist, Pediatric and Prenatal Specialist, Functional Neurology and general movement nerd. As much as I have loved every minute with my patients in a clinical setting, I have always felt there was something greater than us, something connecting us. It was several experiences early on that I had both with patients in my practice and in my own life that confirmed for me that there is a whole other dimension to learn about, one of communication with and connection to that Greater something. I’ve spent the last 13 years in equal focus on my non-traditional education, most of that in training at The Intuitive Awareness Center here in VT and also with Michael and Raphaelle Tamura. 

When I was 32 I went through a crisis of identity, purpose and spirituality, and was lucky enough to spend 18 months in an off-grid yurt, deep in the woods of VT. I was gifted with the space and time I needed every week to dive in deep, (into darkness at first) connecting to Source and learning who I was and what I was here to do. That time brought me to my teachers, and the friends who would support me through that growth period and beyond. Following my emergence from the woods I spent years learning how to be in the world again, as well as how to be in relationship to our culture, and the culture of medicine and healing in general. It’s been quite a journey, and I am grateful for every event that brought me to where I am, personally and professionally. 


I have been doing readings and healings for patients, their friends and families locally and around the world for many years, and have been in structured programs to train these skills for 12+ years now. I am grateful to be offering this work to clients outside of my office, since I’ve felt called to expand my education and training reach and to deepen the focus of healing work for people dealing with crises or life transitions. I’ve found this work indispensable in my own healing, learning and growth, and will continue to apply it in my own life for the long haul.


While I will always be learning, I have come full circle into an understanding of the multidimensional nature of health and healing. I love sharing this model and hearing the “aha!” moments that arise for my clients as they gain the clarity they seek. I’ve found that this clarity is the key to moving towards greater wholeness, peace and connection to Source, the planet and our most authentic selves.


I feel humbled and deeply grateful to be able to offer this work, and I wholeheartedly wish you all the ease and alignment you can imagine on your healing journey. 

When I am not training or working with clients, I continue to learn and grow through my interactions with my tribe, my dog, my home in Shelburne and sailboat. The great outdoors offer my favorite place to pursue physical forms of self-expression, and most often in this case on bikes, skis or boards of some kind. 


If you are curious how I first arrived at this work, please scroll down for more information.

Training notes:

I graduated from the 2 year Clairvoyant program at the Intuitive Awareness Center in Fairfax VT, followed by the Teachers and Leaders 2 year program, and several other 2 year courses since then. We study there under Dr. Gayle Myers and Gwyneth Flack, and I am also a student of the SHAPE program with Michael and Raphaelle Tamura. I choose to consistently place myself in a structured training context so that I and my classmates can continue to hone these skills and so I can bring the most effective service to my patients and clients. (Also, learning is fun ;)

A bit further:

I am a daughter, sister, friend, dog-mom and passionate lover of life. I am also here in service, as a teacher and healer. The latter was a “slow pour” realization, and has taken my lifetime and the last 14 years of seeking, learning, study and practice to embrace.


During this time I was also a chiropractor, kinesiologist and pediatric specialist. It is my opinion that as a prenatal and infant specialist, it was the newborns and the wee ones that began my journey into energy work. You see, no matter how clinical your brain is, and how you may try to ‘doctor’ them, these divine little beings speak another language, and touch was my intro into that school of communication. It was intuition, or ‘energy literacy’ that was my next step; a door opened by empathy, yet I was surprised to find how deep that rabbit hole is. I am still discovering new levels, and being led by gracious and loving teachers. I am sure I always will be. Aside from my traditional studies, my deepest gratitude is extended for the experience of being worked on by world class Craniosacral and Somatics therapists, As these sessions were an essential step in my learning.


While my prenatal, infant, child and adult patients continued to train me in this new language, I found my brain needed to develop a fluent and smooth transition or duality, between my left side (clinical, linear) brain and my right (feeling, connecting and intuitive) side. I found it amazing, though frustrating at first, with much ego bruising, and then eventually I found it amusing. The irony of being “locked in”, situated in this clinical, “fix it” context, physically and culturally, dealing with Electronic Health Records, digital imaging requests and transfers, exams, billing and coding, when what resonated for and was compelling for me was teaching people - with my passion and full heart - how to heal themselves and support their children.

In my experience, healing starts with self-awareness, self love, self-care and applying good boundaries for and even with ourselves. 

Professionally, the duality went from feeling frustrating, to amusing, to then feeling more and more misaligned, like a forced dichotomy, no more smooth dance of back and forth. This tension mounted as I built my practice up to the next level, bringing in a couple of wonderful Docs, and investing in the hope that I could begin to step away for more balance and freedom in my life. Finally, while on a clarifying call with a compliance advisor I found myself realizing that due to continued increases in industry documentation, compliance and coding requirements, despite my efforts to streamline our processes and add (expensive) technology and support systems wherever I could, I was still going to be unable to be Present and deliver the kind of care that I desired, while having work-life balance for myself. The latter is required for me to be congruent in my values, so it had considerable weight, and hit me like a stone. 

My vision broadened in that moment, enough to see how poorly aligned I was with my purpose, and true work here.  

It was a moment of clarity, and I surrendered all at once.

I released most of the insurance based patients in my practice, which at the time had a 3-month waitlist to get in as a new patient, and a 2-3 week wait for a longtime patient for a simple follow up. Needless to say, this was incredibly stressful for me and everyone involved.

Releasing these folks was a very difficult thing, since I was already two generations into caring for many beautiful families who I adored. Still, something had to give, and once I had my clarity, it was easier than I thought. My not physically going anywhere made it easier to take this step, as did the presence of a brilliant and whole-hearted colleague who’d been renting time in my office and was still in network with all our major insurers. She proved to be a gift I continue to be more grateful for by the day. 


I intentionally shifted my path - slowly at first, as I needed to rest and reset - then more quickly, and with green lights from the Universe, I finally felt ready to diversify and begin to pivot my career into greater alignment with what I came here to do and be. 


I have enjoyed the many blessings that my family practice has afforded me, and am still in love with Vermont, with my saintly Goldendoodle and with my sailboat . We enjoy paddleboarding, sailing, hiking, skiing and mountain biking, amazing food and connecting with loved ones. I have felt more aligned, grounded, grateful and deeply connected to myself, my tribe and my purpose than ever before, and I feel humbled and excited to be able to offer a more diverse set of services to people, in person and online, from anywhere in the world. 


Thank you for being here, and I commend your curiosity and openness for reading this far.

With my whole heart, I wish you a wonderful journey from wherever you are to whatever you are moving towards or calling into your life. 

May it be easier than you thought possible, and filled with courage, laughter and connection. 


Aloha and Namaste, 


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