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Servant to Sovereign 

S2S is a Women's Group Course designed to take participants through a comprehensive 'Energy Hygiene Bootcamp', and optimize our self care on this specific level. During this 10 weeks we will explore how impactful a role energy plays in how we:

  • Own our personal and professional creativity and resources,

  • Express ourselves authentically,

  • Experience peace of mind and peace in body

  • Show up for ourselves and others in a challenging world. The tools shown in this class enable us to experience arriving grounded, as the best versions of ourselves -even in tough situations. We also dive more deeply into other boundary work, elemental balance, some basic functional neurology to illustrate how our daily energy affects our physiology and healing capacity.

  • We gather every week for 10 weeks, for a 90 min class together.

  • Each class will be recorded and sent to you so that you can review it at your own pace.

  • Short meditations are sent as well, integrating the new tools we use each week; making them seamlessly applicable for your daily routine.

  • There will be a quick and easy support channel on Voxer which will be answered daily on weekdays, for extra support and easy group and individual communication.

  • There is a Tier II track (limited slots available), which includes two 1-1 deep dives in either integrated coaching or healing work tailored to your specific situation or challenge. All sessions recorded.

  • We start on 10.24, and the last day to register is 11.1.23. 

  • The course is offered 2x/year, and is taught online, via Zoom

If you feel called to join us, we would love to have you!

Please reply to your email, or simply fill out the 'contact' form with 'S2S' in the subject/message and we will send you the full flyer and pricing details. 

In Love and Service,

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can connect and see how Dr. Erin can best support you. 

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