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You know you are ready to get the help you need to navigate this event or health challenge with alignment, grace and peace of mind.

Nothing changes if nothing changes,

So when facing a significant challenge, often we need an outside facilitator or a perspective and mindset shift to help bring about the shift we seek. This is where coaching and advocacy can be a huge support.

I have 16 years experience at facilitating healing many different types of ailments with my patients, but just as relevantly I’ve navigated my own way through a healing crisis. I found this to be a crucial personal experience in navigating the health care machine, managing my team and my energy and making the right decisions for my own healing journey. This experience only increased my passion for helping my fellow humans navigate this complex and often ‘heavy’ landscape with grounded, compassionate and self-possessed alignment.

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With this service, I bring my clinical and personal experience, my multidimensional healing model training, and my Energy Hygiene skillset to help you create and maintain your healing or growth journey through a challenging time. 


Because this service is focused on people in a big growth period or transition, I am offering (and recommending) a trio of 75 minute sessions, scheduled between 2 and 3 months from start to finish. You are free to purchase an additional package as you are guided, and I have found that to do work of this depth during a challenging time, 3 sessions works best, so the trio is offered at a discount. 


If you are in good health and simply want a tune up and a greater understanding of what you can do to optimize your self-care, please feel free to purchase a single session. :)

As always, you are welcome to contact us if you feel you need further guidance to make your choice. 

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