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“You are the sky. 

Everything else - it’s just the weather.”

-Pema Chödrön 

This Service is dedicated to helping you find your grounding, clarity and peace of mind, no matter how busy, overwhelmed or distracted your life is feeling right now. 

We will look at and play with the energy in whatever situation, relationship or decision you’d like to focus on. You will be validated as a spiritual being having a human experience, and offered clarity on how best to clear and maintain your space in each type of situation. This way you will gain access to your own clarity and answers around the challenges that are important to you. 


Nothing exists in isolation, so as you learn to hold your space and stay grounded in today’s wild times, you will find you can respond to each situation with presence of mind, instead of reacting from a place of survival, even if it’s only in the background. 

You will learn Intuitive Tools to use in your daily life, that we’ll use to clear out your old stories and energy, welcoming your new reality in and transforming whatever area of your life you are seeking to shift. 

*This type of work has a very healing effect on our physical bodies, our relationships with self and others, and the spaces we live and work in. 

Clients report “coming home” to themselves, “finally being able to relax and breathe”, “find the humor in places (they) never have before” feel safe in their bodies, connect to what is important, and be able to “let the Joneses keep up with themselves”. 

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