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Coaching, Healing and Education


About Me

Dr. Erin Sepic is a Canadian-born University of Vermont graduate, who obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in the beautiful finger lakes @ New York Chiropractic College. She has been practicing in VT since 2005, as she fell in love with it as an undergrad at UVM. 

She enjoys nearly all methods of being outdoors, (in all seasons) and mainly engages with her family, tribe and dog Gryffin, on sailboats, boards, bikes, or skis of some kind.  

Dr. Erin’s mission is to connect people with the next steps on their path, by helping to identify and clear old limiting beliefs, stories and energy from their space, so they are empowered to create from wholeness and step into the lives they came here to live.


Coaching & Education

Learn how to apply uncommon yet foundational healing principles in any challenging health context; whether for yourself or your child/loved one. This service provides a deeper clarity and support, from a place of validation and personal and professional experience.

Intuitive Healing & Training

Focusing on whichever area of your life that you wish, these sessions provide clarity and context around the situation or challenge you are dealing with, and create the space for you to find your own answers, cast off old limitations and move forward with grounded Joy, Lightness and Compassion into your next steps.

Clinical Practice

This is Dr. Erin’s physical office, Synergic Health, LLC. A deeply Holistic Chiropractic Practice, her highly individualized approach integrates Applied Kinesiology, Movement Education, Nutritional Therapies, Pediatrics and Prenatal Care, Energy work and Functional Neurology. Her top goals are patient comfort, clarity of their desired outcome and collaboration so you can move healing forward with as much ease and amusement possible.


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